The original Hee Haw was created by Frank Peppiatt and John Ayleswoth. The very first episode of the HEE HAW show aired on the CBS Television Network on June 15, 1969, as a summer replacement series for the SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR.  Our first ‘episode’ of THE ALL NEW GRAND OLE HEE HAW HOOTENANNY HOE DOWN JAMBOREE arrives on the MET Mainstage Thursday, May 10 on our $5 Preview night!  We are having a foot stompin’ rompin’ good time putting together new sketches and songs that honor the spirit of Hee Haw.  The cast features MET Ensemble Members:  Tad Janes, Gene Fouche, Reiner Prochaska, Allison Lepelletier, Ken Poisson, Joann Lee, Julie Herber, Ashley Hall & Thom Huenger.  Joining these MET-sters will be:  Joe Jalette (Antigone, A Clockwork Orange), Courtney McLaughlin (Reindeer Monologues), Larry Fellows (Reindeer Monologues)and the Hee Haw band, Silent Old Mtns. featuring: Pat Acuña, Andrew Bromhal, Thom Huenger, Samuel Whalen, and Steven Austin Younkins.
Each show will be slightly different and will feature special musical guests, dancers or comedians from the region & beyond including:

May 10: The Traveling Dingleberrys & Midnight Blue Grass Boys
May 11-13: Denny Grizzle & Midnight Blue Grass Boys
May 17-20: Kirsten Trump & Silent Old Mtns.
May 24-25: Traveling Dingleberrys & Once in a Blue Moon
May 26: Joe Costa & Once in a Blue Moon
May 27: Traveling Dingleberrys & Once in a Blue Moon
May 31-June 2: Joe Brady & Jug Band

During rehearsals we toss around ideas and themes to then improv a scene or sketch or song to include in the show. Here are 10 words or phrases from our ‘work site’ that came up during an idea jam session.  You’ll have to come to the show to see if they made it into the material!

  1. Banjo Massacre
  2. Hoot n Holler
  3. Chicken Plucker
  4. Overalls
  5. White Lightning
  6. Rodeo Clown
  7. Pork Pull
  8. Tractor Pull
  9. Mules
  10. Washboard
Maryland Ensemble Theatre