The Young Olympians & the Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever! opens on Saturday.  We are very excited to premiere this original musical written by ensemble member Sarah Shulman with music by new ensemble member Thom Huenger.  The show is an explosive hour of heroic fun and adventure.  Here are 10 reasons why we think you’ll like it:

  1. The script written by Sarah Shulman (Don Q) is hip and fun.  It takes all of the educational information about greek mythology and turns it into a fantastic storyline that kids and adults can appreciate.
  2. The music by newest ensemble member, Thom Huenger (Clockwork Orange) is unforgettable…you’ll be singing these songs long after you leave the theatre!
  3. Delightful puppets by ensemble member Vanessa Strickland (currently playing Antigone on the Mainstage) including the 3-headed dog, Cerberus!
  4. See ensemble member Lisa Burl (Why Torture is Wrong, Dead Man’s Cell Phone) play multiple characters including the mischievous roller skating Hermes and the blindingly, stone-cold Medusa!
  5. Stage veterans Reiner Prochaska & Rich Coles’ Poseiden and Zeus are gods you won’t want to miss.  See what happens when they drink the Ambrosia!
  6. Fun Co. regular Karli Cole has played little girls, little boys, witches, child prostitutes…and now…a centaur!
  7. Ensemble member Ken Poisson makes a cameo as the one-eyed Polyphemus….will he destroy our heroes in one gulp?
  8. Men in skirts!!!
  9. See a mega fight between Perseus & Medusa that will ‘knock you out’!
  10. Our 4 heroes in training, Jason (Joe Jalette), Perseus (Thom Huenger), Hercules (Francis Mwale) & Andromeda (Caitlyn Joy) will definitely show you “There’s a Hero in You”!!

The Young Olympians runs March 31- April 22 with performances on Saturdays & select Sundays at 2pm.  All seats are $12.  Call the box office at 310-694-4744 or visit us online at: to order tickets.

Maryland Ensemble Theatre