10 Things Tuesday- Season Brochure Photo Shoot

Joe in his natural habitat!
Joe & lovely wife Kayte at MET Retro Prom!

Yesterday our beloved MET photographer, Joe Williams, came in to do a photo shoot for next season’s brochure.  Even though that is many many months away and there is one more show to open up in this current season,  we are in full gear preparing for 2012-13.  You may have read previous posts and ramblings on our play selection process.  One show, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” by Edward Albee,  originally selected by the ensemble will not be included in next season, because we could not secure the rights.  We went back to our bucket list of sorts and replaced it with another great play by one of the great American playwrights of the 20th century, Tennessee Williams.  That has all been hashed out….royalties and rights have been acquired.  All of the marketing material for the season announcements must be ready within the next few months.  Our marketing and graphic design gurus are working fast and furious to create a new look and scheme that will brand the season, using different marketing techniques, from SEO, to using social media and sites where you can Buy instagram followers with marketing purposes.  Troublesome snafus often come up when you have to work this far in advance…for example, due to a contract stipulation  WE CAN’T MENTION ONE OF THE SHOWS IN THE SEASON UNTIL THE END OF THE SUMMER!!  How are we going to announce a season, if we can’t mention the show’s title?  That’s where creative marketing comes into play.  You’ll have to wait until we make our big season announcement in the upcoming months to find out how that will play out. Until then..here is a list of 10 items (costume/props) that were pulled or prepared for the season brochure photo shoot.  See if any give you clues as to what the show could be:

  1. Civil War rifle
  2. Brunette 1940’s wig
  3. Blood stained t-shirt
  4. 2 trenchcoats
  5. Black women’s skimmer style hat
  6. Vintage microphone
  7. Black thigh high fishnet stockings
  8. Set of handcuffs
  9. Glass unicorn
  10. Pencil thin moustache & spirit gum

Please keep an eye and an ear out for our big season announcement.  And we hope you consider purchasing a MET subscription.  It’s a great way to save money, support live theatre in your community and assure that you will have a ticket to all of our exciting offerings!

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