We’re getting close!  Met’s RETRO PROM is almost here.  So get out your dancin’ shoes and boogie on down to The William Talley Rec Center on Saturday night.  Master of the mixes, The Spin Doctor (aka John Lee) will once again be keeping the tunes flowing all night long.  Just in case you wanted to refresh your memory or brush up on those dances from by-gone days, take a look at these Top 10 dances based on songs:

  1. Thriller (MJ at his fineset…this one definately will be on the Spin Doctor’s turntable!
  2. Time Warp (Popularized by the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show.)
  3. The Cha Cha Slide (This song, originally by Chicago performer DJ Casper always gets them on the floor.  And the singer tells you to do.)
  4. The Hustle (The Hustle is associated with an instrumental song by Van McCoy of the same name, with the only lyrics to the song being “Do the hustle!” It is the second most difficult dance on this list to do, after the Thriller Dance.)
  5. Chicken Dance (Originally name the Duck Dance in German, it became known as the chicken dance in America. )
  6. The Hokey Pokey (Not as popular on the dance floor….And that’s what that’s all about!)
  7. Electric Slide (This dance, often performed with the song Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths, is a basic “four wall” line dance.)
  8. The Twist (While the dance predates his song, the dance is intimately connected with the work of the Chubby Checker  song “The Twist”.)
  9. The YMCA (This song was originally performed by the Village People in the 1970s, has become a staple for large groups, primarily due to its ease of dance.
  10. Macarena (The song by Los Del Rio (with an English Remix by the Bayside Boys) reached astronomical success in the United States and around the world. )

………..and my personal favorite, which didn’t make the list:

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