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Thursday Think Tank: Antigone Choral Movements

The MET‘s next mainstage show, our adaptation of Antigone, is in the midst of rehearsals.  We’ve recorded in rehearsal a movement section for you that embodies the conflicting emotions and inner chaos of Antigone’s return home: In ancient Greek plays, there is usually a chorus present, which serves as a guide, narrator, or mouthpiece for… Continue Reading

Thursday Think Tank: Tad Janes on “End Days”

Our current mainstage show, End Days, is starting week three of its run.  Reviews have been great, and from talking with audience members, it seems the “touching, thought provoking, and often hilarious” show has really taken off (Smith, For this week’s Think Tank, we explore the play from the standpoint of director Tad Janes*. End… Continue Reading

Thursday Think Tank: the Comedy Pigs’ Process

“Michael Jackson!” “Crocodile Huntin’!” “…plungers!” Aaah, Improv!  The above exclamations were all brought to you by audience suggestions from last Saturday’s Comedy Pigs show.  With suggestions as random and unexpected as those you read above, how do the Pigs pull them together to create hilarity?  How can there be a process with improv?  I thought… Continue Reading

Thursday Think Tank: Fun Company Creatives!

If you’ve ever attended a Fun Company show, it’s obvious why we gave the Children’s show branch of the MET such a worthy name.  From the peals of laughter and “kids-say-the-darndest-things” comments coming from the audience, to the sheer enjoyment from within the show itself by the actors and technicians, everything is imbued with FUN.… Continue Reading