Catoctin SlaveSpeak: An Emancipation Day Reading

Catoctin SlaveSpeak: An Emancipation Day Reading (running time, 45 minutes)

7:30pm – FB Live

Free event – Donations accepted

In observance of Emancipation Day, MET will be presenting a live reading of Catoctin SlaveSpeak by Elayne Bond Hyman. Catoctin SlaveSpeak is a collection of narrative poems in the voices of enslaved Africans, as well as their enslaved descendants, who were imported to work at the Catoctin Iron Furnace in Thurmont, MD. The reading will occur on June 19th at 7:30pm streaming live to our Facebook page and is free for all who wish to attend.

All donations made during tonight’s broadcast will be split with the Catoctin Furnace Historical Society.

Copies of Catoctin SlaveSpeak can be purchased here.


Due to inclement weather, the show will be streamed live on MET’s Facebook page.



Elayne Bond Hyman

Rona Mensah

Ray Hatch

Kimberly (Zoe) Donahue-Rick

Richard Johnson

Zachary Leo Harris

Julie Herber

Tad Janes


Special Thanks: 

Rose Cheney at the African American Resources-Cultural and Heritage Society (AARCH),

Elizabeth A. Comer, Catoctin Furnace Historical Society, Inc.,

Poster Art: Penny Gamble-Williams