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 Thank you for purchasing your copy of Something Brilliant: The Rise and Fall of the IllumiNation Cult!

The film will be released on Saturday, March 20 – please take note of the password that was emailed to you and return on March 20th to enter your password and enjoy the film!


In 2007, the IllumiNation Cult took Frederick MD by storm. Weekly spaghetti dinner meetings were held, meatballs were consumed, and congregants were encouraged to CHARGE UP and share their brilliance. Members of this cult enjoyed blissful ignorance of the outside world, songs, community, and a chance to start again – until it all came crashing down when their Patrick Street compound was raided by the authorities. MET’s Feature-length mockumentary tells the story of IllumiNation from the beginning, so viewers need not have attended the original stage production to enjoy this hilarious look at the ill-famed hometown cult.


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B-Fly: Julie Herber*
Subway: Matt Baughman
Do: Rona Mensah*
Lumie: Jeanine Evans*
Muffin: Reiner Prochaska*
Rocker: Denny Grizzle
Happy: Karen Paone
Hailei: Jeremy Myers*
Clarke Merriweather Johnson: Ray Hatch*
Randi Lill Hansen: Vibeke Havre
Jan Mitchell: Amber George*
Cliff McCallister: Himself
Azucena: Allison Duvall*
Claudia: Jennifer Pagano*
Themselves: Mark & Shawn Pitts
Reggie/IlluminX: Jon Paul Duvall
Shakespearian Voice: Robert Leembrugen
Alien Enthusiast: JD Sivert*
Cult Camper Parent: Susan Mele
Cult Camper Parent: Meryl Cullom
ATF Agent: Richard Johnson
Barista: Caitlyn Joy*
Cult Campers: Lena Janes
Austin Lemere
Jackie Brinkman
Ariel Narayan
Henry Cullom
Susan/News Anchor: Susan Thornton
Voice of Meatball: Lisa Burl*

*MET Ensemble Member


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Directors: Tad Janes* & Gené Fouché*
Editor: Tad Janes*
Stage Manager: Shayden Jamison*
Second Unit Director: Stephen Craig
Original Score: Leslie Ross-Robertson
Original Production Music Director: Denny Grizzle
Song Recording Engineer: Zak Mabie of Zak’s Trax
Additional Guitar: Mike Loss
Puppet Design: Jeanine Evans*
Camera: Ron Terbush 
Camera: Jack Evans*
Camera: Levi Branson
Drone Footage: Matthew Schleigh
Production Photography: Misti Morningstar
Photo Altering: Ken Poisson*

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Maryland Ensemble Theatre