Barbara and Gregory’s Second Annual Holiday Bazaar… now streaming ONLINE!

After a disastrous first year helming their church’s Annual Holiday Bazaar, Barbara and Gregory are desperate to redeem themselves the only way state guidelines will allow – with a jam-packed, holiday extravaganza… ONLINE! Tune in as they showcase the handiwork of local artisans, enjoy musical performances, and spread (or force-feed if they have to) good cheer to one and all.

Support our fabolous vendors! The creations shown in this virtual bazaar are for sale!
Vendor Links:
Kevin Cole: Find him on Instagram @kevindotcole
Stephanie Hyder: Facebook: Unicorn Nature Instagram: @unicorn_nature
Katie Rattigan: Facebook: Wild Thing Pottery Instagram@wildthingpottery
And to donate to the “organ fund” visit or click to donate above!


Gregory: JD Sivert
Barbara: Caitlyn Joy
Skylar: Sophie Beers-Arthur
Reverend Moreland: Julie Herber
Brenda: Gené Fouche
Ted: Tad Janes
Reggie Thomas: Ray Hatch
Jerry Washburn: Tim Seltzer
Janie Washburn: Lia Seltzer
The Washburn Children: Wilson & Ysa Seltzer
Vendors/Artists: Tabetha White
                              Kevin Cole
                              Stephanie Hyder (guest appearances by Matt, Vince, and Leo Hyder)
                              Katie Rattigan