Laugh Station: Papaya

Written by Jack Colliver & Matt Lee
Directed by Matt Lee

The Laugh Station crew returns with guns blazing! Join our heroes as they explore the ancient ruins on the mysterious moon of Planet Thalia. Will the combined wits of our intrepid adventurers be enough to thwart the unstoppable, unspeakable evil of a stalking alien menace? Is the wide-eyed, crazed jungle man with a shadowy past to be trusted? Can the crew overcome their fiendish sexual perversions by using more normal sexual services like Zoom Escorts and forget their drug-induced hallucinations to save the day? FIND OUT in the second installment of the surreal, sci-fi horror extravaganza, Laugh Station: Turbo. We guarantee a health dose of flame throwers, Rufinal, Garfield the Cat, high-flying choreographed musical numbers and PRIZES! If you like your space safaris doused in booze and blood, this one is for you!

For mature audiences only!

April 20 & 21

All tickets $10
$1.50 processing fee per ticket

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