Well, it’s Monday. For many, it’s the start of the work week, where we head back to the office to resume the daily grind. While that may be the case (even for us MET-sters), there is a way to improve your Monday…

Let us look back on the weekend & look to the week ahead for all the MET-y goodness & fun!

This Past Weekend…

“End Days” had it’s opening weekend, including $5 Thursday & the Saturday night gala reception. This is a show you definitely want to see. Not only is it funny, but it’s also raises some excellent questions & makes you think (which, in this blogger’s opinion, is the best type of theatre). The cast, which includes Brian Irons, Laura Stark, Caitlyn Joy, Matt Lee & Matt Baughman, is amazing & they are wonderfully directed by Tad Janes. Audiences love it, so be sure to get your tickets!

The Comedy Pigs also had a performance this weekend. Many audiences members took advantage of our ‘bring your mainstage show stub, get into the Pigs half price’ deal  and, having just come from “End Days”, they were ready to laugh (again!). And our Piggies did not disappoint.

The MET had it’s winter retreat this Sunday. The MET ensemble meets twice a year to discuss development, policies & all the jazz, as well as start our play selection for next season! We’ve narrowed it down to a select few & within the next few months, we’ll be announcing our 2012-2013 season!

This Coming Week

It’s the second weekend of “End Days”! Shows are Thursday-Saturday at 8pm & Sunday at 2pm. After the show on Sunday, there will be a little Q&A session with actors, the director & the production staff, so if you’ve ever wanted to ask what goes into a MET show, how actor’s prepare, etc, here’s your chance!

The Comedy Pigs also have a show this Saturday after “End Days” at 10pm. If you come to “End Days”, you can show your ticket stub at the box office & see the Pigs for a mere $6!

So, get out here’s to the MET’s upcoming week! Tally-ho!!

Maryland Ensemble Theatre