Some “MET Mondays” will consist of a MET Profile: a brief profile of a MET Company Member.¬† They’ll answer various questions, talk about acting/directing/designing & even answer a few questions from James Lipton’s survey from “Inside the Actor’s Studio”.

And, since Monday’s are my day to update the blog, I’m first on the chopping block! ūüėČ

ImageAshley Hall

What is is your favorite role you’ve played in a MET production?¬†¬†I’ve liked every role I’ve played for different reasons, but Elizabeth Jelkes from Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde¬†is definitely my favorite thus far. She was a such a great character; a strong, outspoken woman in a time when women weren’t suppose to be. I loved the journey she went through during the course of the show. Not to mention that that role really challenged me & I felt that I really grew as an actress.

What do you do to prepare before a performance? I usually listen to my iPod while doing my hair & make-up. What I listen to really depends on the show. I usually make a playlist of songs that relate to my character. For Boeing Boeing, I listened to upbeat 60s songs (think the soundtrack to “Austin Powers”)¬†with some Edith Piaf thrown into the mix. For Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, it was a lot of classical music, especially the piece that was played throughout the show. (Fun fact: I listened to “Hey There, Lil Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham a lot during J&H. Director Peter Wray often said that Elizabeth & Hyde’s relationship was a lot like Little Red & the Wolf (with them switching the roles on & off throughout the course of the show).I had the line “Little Red Riding Hood, I’d like to hold ya if¬†I could, but you might think¬†I’m a Big Bad Wolf so¬†I won’t. What big heart I have, all the better to love you with. Little Red Ridin’ Hood, even bad wolves can be good” posted on my mirror backstage).

What do you like best about performing? When I was younger, it was the applause & the attention. As I got older, in my late teens, I began to realize that I loved performing for two reasons. First of all, I love creating something from nothing. Yes, you have the script & the lines & the stage directions, but the actor brings those words, the¬†character & their experiences to life. That’s very fascinating to me.¬†Secondly, I love making people feel. I know that sounds cheesey, but I like¬†to see how theatre affects people.¬†It doesn’t have to be a life changing experience for them, it can be as simple as a child’s smile after a children’s show.

What is your dream role? I have a few, so it’s impossible to pick just one! But one of my main ones is Peter Pan, mainly because that was what got me interested in theatre as a child (seeing Mary Martin as Peter Pan on television). Others include Ophelia in Hamlet, Alice in Closer & the title role in a¬†play called Ondine.

What is your favorite word? For how it sounds, “serenpidity”. For what it means, “create”.


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