Welcome To The Show!

Next Performance: Saturday, Nov 21 at 7pm


[If you do not see a video in this space, please refresh the page closer to the start of the show]

Thank you for purchasing your ticket to MET’s production of The Tempest! The show will stream live here at the date/time that you purchased your tickets! Please keep in mind that this is a live-streaming performance, shows are expected to start on time so if you load the page late, you may miss parts of the show. If you plan to watch the show with others, please consider making a donation of $24 on the behalf of those joining you – you can do so by visiting Marylandensemble.org/donate

Waiting for the show to start? Find out how we made this production happen:


Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: Julie Herber

Stage Manager: Annie Watsic

Qlab and Audio Engineer: Kristin Hamby

Lighting Design: Stephen Knapp

Set Design: Julie Herber

Videographer and Sound Design: Ken Poisson

Original Compositions: Colin Shultzaberger

House Left Camera Op: Ken Poisson

House Right Camera op: Spencer “Sparky” Barron

SlingStudio Broadcast Operator: Shayden Jemison

Multimedia Designer and Broadcast Cinematographer: Stephen Craig

Scenic Painter and Carpenter: Matt Vance

Production Manager: Melynda Burdette Wintrol

Technical Director: Stephen Craig


Prospero: Robert Leembruggen

Miranda: Caitlyn Joy

Ariel: Ray Hatch

Caliban: Jack Evans

Ferdinand: Jeremy Myers

Alonso: Reiner Prochaska

Antonio: Tim Seltzer

Sebastian: Steve Custer

Gonzalo: Genevieve Williams

Trinculo: Matt Harris

Stephano: JD Sivert

Maryland Ensemble Theatre