Sugarloaf Elementary Virtual Drama Club

Please note: Students must be enrolled at Sugarloaf Elementary School to participate.

MET’s after school virtual Drama Club (Grades 2 & 3)


TIME: 4:00-5:00PM Starting January 10 (Every Monday for 6 weeks with NO DRAMA CLUB ON JAN 17)

COST: $60.00

In this class, students will jump into the world of theatre by learning about the elements that make up a play. Each week we will focus on a different area of theatre such as acting, costumes, props and puppetry. Students will engage in hands on activities and explore how they fit into the world of storytelling on the stage. THEATRE FUN supports and encourages creativity, imagination and individuality while bolstering confidence and time management to complete tasks. Students will be given a Club Kit and a list of ‘supplemental’ supplies.

CONTACT:  Julie Herber (

MET’s after school virtual Drama Club (Grades 4 & 5)


TIME: 4:00-5:00PM Starting January 11 ( Every Tuesday for 6 weeks)

COST: $60.00

In this class, students will learn performance techniques by exploring voice, movement, improvisation and acting exercises. Through theatrical expression, we will let our imaginations run wild and create amazing characters. GET IN THE ACT supports, encourages and builds self-confidence, cooperation and creativity. Students from shy to outgoing can develop at their own pace with plenty of encouragement. Students will work on creating short scenes and monologues.

CONTACT:  Julie Herber (


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