The Tempest




LIVE on Youtube*
Fridays & Saturdays at 7pm
Sundays at 3pm


Directed by MET Associate Artistic Director Julie Herber, this production of The Tempest reimagines the show with a cast of eleven in a manner that is safe for performers and audiences alike, placing the sorcerer Prospero in isolation with the sprite Ariel performing live in an empty theatre, as a storm of scenes and external characters surround them on a series of screens that fill the space. Audiences will be able to safely join Prospero for multiple performances streamed live online this coming November.

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest tells the story of Prospero, the sorcerer and usurped Duke of Milan who was betrayed by his brother Antonio and left in isolation on a distant island. With the help of his sprite Ariel, Prospero creates a tempest of his own to bring his brother, a shipwrecked crew, and the King of Naples to the island to exact his revenge. Meanwhile, Prospero’s daughter Miranda discovers and falls in love with Ferdinand, the son of the King.

*Once tickets are purchased you will be sent a super-secret link to watch the show prior to the performance of your choosing.


Playwright: William Shakespeare

Director: Julie Herber

Stage Manager: Annie Watsic

Multimedia Design: Kristin Hamby

Lighting Design: Stephen Knapp

Set Design: Julie Herber and Stephen Craig

Scenic Charge: Matt Vance

Sound Design: Ken Poisson

Videography: Ken Poisson

Original Compositions: Colin Shultzaberger

Technical Director: Stephen Craig

Production Manager: Melynda Burdette


Prospero: Robert Leembruggen

Miranda: Caitlyn Joy

Ariel: Ray Hatch

Caliban: Jack Evans

Ferdinand: Jeremy Myers

Alonso: Reiner Prochaska

Antonio: Tim Seltzer

Sebastian: Steve Custer

Gonzalo: Genevieve Williams

Trinculo: Matt Harris

Stephano: JD Sivert