The Amazing Interactive Adventure 2


By Allison & Jon Paul Duvall

June 4 – June 26
Saturdays & Sundays @ 1:30pm

What would it be like to play INSIDE a video game? This Fun Company original production lets YOU control the action and choose your own adventure! In this sequel to the popular show, audiences become playwright and director, keeping a quick-witted cast on their toes! Join Charlie on a magical journey inside the pixelated world of the Amazing Adventure video game which is as great as those RPG games people play now a days and even get boosting from different sites, if you’re interested you can see it here too. Battle Vikings, challenge ninjas, solve puzzles, escape a high-speed car chase, and more! You’ll offer her advice, make choices that shape the story, and help her win the most important game of her life!

Tickets $14 – Price includes all fees.

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Maryland Ensemble Theatre