AUGUST 24 & 25

The Comedy Pigs 4th Annual Summer Comedy Extravaganza is on its way! See performing groups from all across the DMA; short form improv, long form improv, stand-up, sketch, and every type of comedy in between! Two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT nights of comedy to enjoy, all in one weekend. Love comedy? THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU! Hate comedy? ONE OF THE PERFORMERS WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND! So bring your friend, your significant other, hell, bring a stranger off the street, and get to the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. We guarantee at least one laugh/chuckle/guffaw from every audience member OR YOU GET TO SAY YOUR FAVORITE JOKE IN FRONT OF THE ROWDY CROWD!

Below is a sneak peek at some of the performers.

The Improv Imps

The Improv Imps have been performing together since 2010, and have been responsible for mischief and mayhem in the DC Metro area ever since. Known for character-based performances, and audience engagement, they can’t wait to make you laugh.



Grab your passport and kiss your mommy and daddy goodbye, Baltimore Improv Group‘s Hostel is open for business, and they love to play with others! This group of global improv citizens welcome improvisers from all over to play in for each of their shows, sharing the best of BIG’s Charm City stage with some of the funniest folks across the map. Just doing their part to show why Baltimore is, in fact, the Greatest (and most hilarious) City in America.


Bad Karaoke Experience

Bad Karaoke Experience is an indie musical improv team from Baltimore, Maryland.  We make up a musical on the spot with heroes, villains, sidekicks, and setbacks from a single word audience suggestion.  Bad Karaoke Experience has performed at the Del Close Marathon, Washington Improv Theater’s Improvapalooza, Charm City Comedy Festival, Howard Community College’s Improvaganza, BIG’s Baltimore Improv Festival, and more.



Moonbot takes a dabble of specificity and a dollop of darkness and rubs them all in the crevices of dirtiness before pulling them out and spit-shining them to a high gloss. Don’t presume to think you know what’s going to happen! The troupe currently performs a Harold.


Bear Trap

This short form troupe always keeps the audience on their toes with clever concepts and wonderful surprises. They strike a delicate balance between endearing goofiness and scholarly respectability. Bear Trap specializes in upgraded and embellished versions of classic improv games.


Dad Joke

Dad Joke is two dudes who relay the experience of having families (or not) and children (or not) and how it has changed their life (or not). This long form improv duo performs in the Baltimore/DC Metro area.


Oh Crit!

Roll for initiative! Improv comedy fuzed with Dungeons & Dragons! Join us as we embark on an adventure of twists and turns, bizarre characters, and occasional epic failure… All with the help from YOU and the whim of an unforgiving 20-sided die!


Topher and You

Have you ever performed improv before? Have you ever seen improv before? Good, let’s do both together. Topher and you.


Carlic Huynh

This Stand up comedian has been known to tell stories of his immigrant upbringing to dating disasters.  What will he talk about? No one knows.


IO Duarte

IO Duarte is a local queer comedian, writer, and improviser. They are a company member at MET, and a number one fan of every dog.


Travis & Trisha

Travis & Trisha are trashy, boujee, self-absorbed millennials who fiercely love each other. They are unafraid to “go there,” taking a small idiosyncrasy and letting it grow into a full on existential crisis.


Drop Three

We at Drop Three have only one goal for our performances…to make you laugh until you need to seek medical attention. We not only want to be the best medicine, but also the best referring physicians. The revolution will be improvised!


Balls Deep

For all those who are in love, have been in love, have fallen out of love, are in love with the idea of being in love, or could just punch love in the face – this is for you.


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