By Tennessee Williams

February 7 – March 3, 2013

“Glass may break, candles may go out, but The Glass Menagerie endures. Unarguably one of the greatest American plays ever written.”
Broadway Magazine

The Glass Menagerie is an American masterpiece that announced the presence of one of the greatest dramatists of the 20th Century. Williams’ semi-autobiographical heartbreaking yet often humorous memory play about a young struggling poet and his tenuous reationships with his overbearing mother and his fragile sister is an emotionally charged portrait of hope in 1930s St. Louis that is timeless in its ability to capture the imagination and hearts of audiences.

Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3. Please call the box office for information. 301-694-4744












    June 15 & 16

    Yoni Gras, a weekend of music featuring some of Frederick’s finest local bands, is returning to Maryland Ensemble Theatre for the second straight summer.  Silent Old Mtns, and Old Indian who played the inugrial Yoni Gras in July of 2011 will be joined by newcomers to the festival, Lucas and the Lovelys, Violet Overnight, Honeyhound, and Adrienne and the Merrylanders.

    Beer and wine is available but the show itself is open to all ages.

    Doors open at 8:30pm, Music at 9pm • Tickets: $5 or both nights for $7 (cash at door only)

    Click on any of the band’s names to learn more about them.

    Band Lineup 6/15 at 9pm
    Silent Old Mtns

    Old Indian

    Holy MTN

    Band Lineup 6/16 at 9pm  
    Violet Overnight


    Adrienne and the Merrylanders. 

    By Christopher Durang
    Directed by Gené Fouché

    September 8 — October 2, 2012

    Felicity is suddenly in crisis: Is her new husband, whom she married when drunk, a terrorist? Or just crazy? Or both? Is her father’s hobby of butterfly collecting really a cover for his involvement in a shadow government? Honing in on our private terrors both at home and broad, Durang oddly relives our homeland “insecurity” in this black comedy for an era of yellow, orange and red alerts.

    Featuring MET Company Members: Lisa Burl, Julie Herber, Matt Lee, Reiner Prochaska  & Vanessa Strickland with Joey Ibanez and Tim Seltzer

    Photos ©2012 Joe Williams

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    By Edward Albee
    Directed by Peter Wray

    February 14 – March 9, 2014
    Preview February 13

    “A brilliant original work of art.” Newsweek

    A hilariously dark martial war of words between dysfunctional middle-aged couple, George and Martha, as they entertain a young professor and his wife. As the cocktails flow, the secrets spill and leave an indelible stain during an all-night battle of mind games and sexual intrigue. Albee’s Tony Award winning masterpiece still packs a punch as it builds to its climactic revelatory conclusion that has shocked audiences for years. For mature audiences.


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    Adults $25.50, Students/Seniors $21.50
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    All tickets $16.50
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    All Ensemble School classes will be cancelled Wed., March 6 due to inclement weather