There’s always a knowing titter of glee whenever anyone mentions the term “4-20,” and this Friday, the MET hosts a show that embraces the kind of subversive comedic insanity popularized by films and shows like Half-Baked, Kids in the Hall, Wonder Showzen and a gamut of psychotronic B-horror/scifi flicks.

Described by co-creator Matt Lee* as “Kids in the Hall meets Star Trek… on acid,” LAUGH STATION is a brand-new episodic stage show playing quarterly at the MET.  The core creative team is comprised of Brian Artusio, Jack Colliver, Joe Colliver, Mac Kennedy, Matt Lee*, Trevor Marin, and Colin Schultzaberger, who originally forayed into comedy with their group, “Actors Anonymous,” and wanted to continue creating theatrical mischief to their hearts’ content.  As Laugh Station has developed, they’ve called upon the sick minds of fellow actors Lisa Burl*, Caitlyn Joy*, Joe Jalette, and Bailey Sterling to bring the show to a new level of perversity.

If you’re still in the dark, take a gander at this video role call, featured in Episode 1 of Laugh Station: Infinity (NSFW):

Want more?  Check out their YouTube channel: LaughStationInfinity

We had a chance to speak with Jack Colliver, actor, writer, and co-creator of Laugh Station backstage during their tech rehearsals this week to give us some insight into how he and Matt Lee* came up with Laugh Station:

LAUGH STATION: TURBO (Episode 2) plays for TWO NIGHTS ONLY: Friday, 4/20 and Saturday 4/21 at 9pm.  Tickets are available for $11.50 cash only at the door starting at 8pm!  FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!


* – indicates MET company member
Vlog video by  Vanessa Strickland*
Laugh Station clip “Next Time On” by Matt Lee* & Jack Colliver, 2012

Maryland Ensemble Theatre