Antigone dives into tech this weekend, and today we bring you a photoblog of some candid shots from the process:

Tad Janes* cuts foam shapes to give the walls and arches of the set some terrain.

Director Julie Herber* uses a dutching technique on the set to create a stony texture to the catacombs.

Technical director Doug Grove* has lead the construction of the set, including the installation of 7 monitors within caverns in the walls of the catacombs.  The tall stone towers in the background, built by Joann Lee*, are both lightweight and modular, making for easy, fast creation of set pieces onstage.

Carey Rausch* records light cues during a scene.

The cast, (R to L) Bill Stitely, Joe Jalette, Reiner Prochaska*, Karen Paone*, Ashley Hall*, and Devin Gaither* run lines together before working on a scene.

“Let’s run that again!” – the chorus prepares for the closing movement piece while sound designer Tom Majarov* prepares the sound board.

Director Julie Herber* demonstrates the choreography for the choral scene before the climactic moment of the play.

Antigone opens at the MET with a $5 preview night next Thursday, March 22nd at 8pm, followed by opening night on Friday, 3/23Saturday 3/24 there will be a reception after the show where patrons can meet the cast.  Ticket sales have been coming in at a rapid pace, so be sure to buy yours in advance!  Call the MET box office at 301-694-4744 or order online here.  We hope you’ll join us!

Photos by Vanessa Strickland* and Doug Grove*
* – indicates MET company member

Maryland Ensemble Theatre