2020-2021 Mainstage Season of Surprises


Season Subscriptions for MET’s MainStage Series are flexible and affordable ways to save money while supporting Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Your purchase gives you access to MET before the general public.


Each Season Subscription includes access to SIX MainStage productions (live? Live-streamed? A film? A show on Zoom? Who knows? That’s part of the surprise!), plus exclusive content from the Fun Company, and MET Comedy Night. Get previews of original works being developed for the season and behind the scenes content.

Season Ticket Price Per Person:  $100

Over 65/Military Pricing: $90

Many have been wondering: how, during the age of “social distancing,” can we safely pursue our mission of bringing live theatre to our community? How can we build community through our art if you can’t sit together in a theatre?

Well, MET minds have been busy considering this question. MET always wants to surprise our audiences, so this year we are thrilled to bring you…

A Season Of Surprises!

You can’t come to us, so we’ll come to you. Stream-on, Pop-up, or Drive-in!

Trust us! We can, and will, create interesting, vibrant, and unpredictable art in this unprecedented time. We will stream some shows online, create a menu of short pop-up outdoor performances where we come to YOU, and create a live theatre experience where you can literally “drive-in” to see theatre!

We want to stay connected to you, our community. For MET to survive what could be a year without audiences in our seats, we need you! You could be an angel that helps keep Maryland Ensemble Theatre alive during this very difficult time.  Subscription opportunities will be available soon, please consider MET this year as a subscriber and let us surprise you!

Stream-on, pop-up and drive-in!



The first production of MET’s 2020-2021 Season of Surprises, Victory Is Within Our Grasp celebrates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the courageous suffragists who joined the fight, in their own words. Featuring historic speeches from Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, and more performed by MET Company members Allison Duvall, Ray Hatch, Julie Herber, Jennifer Pagano, Lia Seltzer, Rachel Smith, Laura Stark, Tori Weaver, as well as Mikayla Domingo, Kiah Hyman, Carol Randolph, and Jean Rosolino.


Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Directed by MET Associate Artistic Director Julie Herber, this production of The Tempest reimagines the show with a cast of eleven in a manner that is safe for performers and audiences alike, placing the sorcerer Prospero in isolation with the sprite Ariel performing live in an empty theatre, as a storm of scenes and external characters surround them on a series of screens that fill the space. Audiences will be able to safely join Prospero for multiple performances streamed live online this coming November.

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest tells the story of Prospero, the sorcerer and usurped Duke of Milan who was betrayed by his brother Antonio and left in isolation on a distant island. With the help of his sprite Ariel, Prospero creates a tempest of his own to bring his brother, a shipwrecked crew, and the King of Naples to the island to exact his revenge. Meanwhile, Prospero’s daughter Miranda discovers and falls in love with Ferdinand, the son of the King.

NOVEMBER 13-22 | LIVE on Youtube – Coming soon to stream!


MET’s FUNCompany has long produced its own adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens each holiday season at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. This season, MET will offer Frederick its tradition in a brand-new way, with the release of A Christmas Carol: The Audio Experience.

Ebenezer Scrooge, a miser of the first degree, thinks Christmas is a “humbug.” When the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future come calling on Christmas Eve, Mr. Scrooge starts to see his life in a different light. This clever and heartwarming adaptation will delight listeners of all ages!

A hybrid between the radio drama of yesteryear, and the audiobook of today, this classic story is brought to life by a cast of 20 actors, led by MET’s Producing Artistic Director Tad Janes as Scrooge. Narration is provided by veteran broadcaster and morning show host of Today’s 97.5 in Martinsburg WV, Rona Mensah. Through this soundscape, audiences will be transported to a time when the whole family would gather around the radio to experience the defining tale of an old miser’s redemption by three spirits. The sound effects and musical underscoring sets a spark fully engaging the listener and calling them to realize the action in their own imagination.

Show Sponsor:

Produced in Partnership with The Weinberg Center For The Arts

Barbara And Gregory’s 2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar Online!

After a disastrous first year helming their church’s Annual Holiday Bazaar, Barbara and Gregory are desperate to redeem themselves the only way state guidelines will allow – with a jam-packed, holiday extravaganza… ONLINE! Tune in as they showcase the handiwork of local artisans, enjoy musical performances, and spread (or force-feed if they have to) good cheer to one and all.


Don’t worry, we’re sure something brilliant will come to us…