MET’s Ensemble School Adult Classes teach essential acting and improv skills that train the body, voice, and mind. 


Ages 18+

Tuesdays beginning February 13
6-7:30pm • $220

Instructor: Zack Callis

This course will explore core concepts in understanding the actor’s process. Scene study will incorporate script analysis and research, along with characterization, to assist students in preparing for any role. This course will also focus on character development and preparing for an audition.


Ages 18+

Tuesdays beginning February 13
7:30-9pm • $220

Instructor: Laura Stark

Learn the basics of Improv in this foundation class. Students will learn to use “yes – and,” playing at the top of their intelligence, active listening and support to create improvised scenes. Students will also learn basic short form improvisation games and how to use improv as a tool in their professional life.


Ages 18+

Tuesdays beginning February 13
7-:30-9pm • $220

Instructor: James McGarvey

(Improv 101 or equivalent required) Students will take the basics of improv to start to build scenes, explore characters, and focus on object work. Long form improvisation will be introduced and more complex short form games will be taught. 


Ages 18+

Mondays beginning February 12
7-8:30pm • $220

Instructor: Molly Parchment

(Improv 101&201 or equivalent required. May take Improv 201 concurrently). Students will work to become an ensemble and show off their performance skills. The class will create original forms or maybe even take an existing form and transform it. At the end of the semester, students will perform their form as part of MET Comedy Night (12/8/23), This class is ideal for students who have taken an improv class before and are now ready to perform.

Maryland Ensemble Theatre