Auditions for METX’s Summer production of “Sherlock! The Musical” for ages 16 and up.

When: April 27 (3-5 pm) and May 5 (6-8pm)

Where: Auditions will be held at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Auditions for ages 16 and up.

Seeking Actors of all types for our annual Summer Community Outreach production. Playwright, Sarah Shulman (Island of Dr. Moreau, Remix, Young Camelot & the Fight for the Holy Grail, Gulliver’s Travels) and director Julie Herber team up again, joined by Composer Brian Scott to bring another classic piece of literature to life- MET style! This original musical is classic victorian with modern edge the likes of The Greatest Showman and Moulin Rouge.

Please be prepared to read from the script and prepare one of the audition songs from the show provided in the link below.

Performance dates: August 2,3,4,9,10 & 11

Shows will be held on the mainstage at Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Rehearsals begin in June and will be held weeknights Mon-Thurs and some weekends. Depending on role, actors may not be required to attend all rehearsals.

About the show:
This original musical with book by Sarah Shulman and Music by Brian Scott follows young Sherlock Holmes as he discovers his knack for solving crime among the dark streets of London.

It’s the origin story you’ve been waiting for! After a teenage Jane Watson suddenly finds herself orphaned, her life is turned upside down when she is shuffled off to the Hudson Home. It is here that she meets the orphanage’s resident weirdo Sherlock Holmes.  Fascinated by Sherlocks eccentricities Watson  joins him on his mission to solve every odd thing that happens at the orphanage. However, when a murder is committed at the Hudson Home, Sherlock and Watson realize they have a real mystery on their hands. With the help of their friends they take to the seedy streets of London looking to solve the case, but Sherlock has his own agenda. He is secretly after something much bigger; the truth of who he is and where he comes from.

click here for Sherlock audition songs and sides

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