2022-2023 25th Anniversary Season MET Mainstage! 

Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) is seeking video audition submissions for our
2022-2023 25th Anniversary Season! 

What’s the deadline?
  • Videos should be submitted by July 1, 2022 for full season consideration. However, we will accept submissions beyond July 1 on a rolling basis to be considered for projects not yet cast.
What should your video audition submission include?
  • Slate your full name, pronouns, and introduction of pieces using a full body camera shot.
  • Provide 2 contrasting contemporary monologues (memorized) up to 90 seconds each. Both monologues should be camera framed with shoulders up unless specific movement is essential.
  • Those who wish to be considered for musicals should present 16 bars of an uptempo show tune with a backing/karaoke/accompaniment track with no leading vocals.
How/Where do I submit? 
  • All materials should be emailed to MET’s Production Manager, Melynda Wintrol, at
  • Use the Subject Line “FIRST NAME LAST NAME – AUDITION” (Example: Melynda Wintrol AUDITION)
  • Please, provide a headshot or snapshot and resume.
  • In your email, please indicate the roles for which you wish to be considered.
  • YouTube and/or Vimeo links are preferred for video submissions. However, attachments and/or shared drive links will be accepted. We want to see you!
  • Should alternative methods of submission or accommodations be needed to audition, please contact Melynda Wintrol, Production Manager, at
  • Artists will be contacted directly to schedule in-person callbacks at our downtown Frederick, MD location at a later date.
MET’s CASTING PLEDGE: MET is committed to the practice of color-conscious casting, inclusive of all ethnicities/races, sizes, gender identities, sexual orientations, and disabilities. All roles are available and paid a stipend. Non-union adults, age 18+
MET’s DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION PLEDGE: Maryland Ensemble Theatre is dedicated to creating anti-oppressive artistic spaces and producing work that is representative of and accessible to our entire community. It is imperative that we make our spaces open to and affirming of all people. We realize that our past actions did not consistently fuel the deeper work and progress needed to create a truly inclusive theatre, specifically of traditionally marginalized populations. We aspire to reflect the community around us by fostering and maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our efforts must be continuous, intentional and evolving.

Lifespan of a Fact
by Jeremy kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell
Director: Gené Fouché
First rehearsal: Monday, August 1, 2022
Tech: Sunday, September 25-Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Wk 1:  Th. 9/29/22 @ 8pm (preview)
F. 9/30/22 @ 8pm
S. 10/1/22 @ 8pm
Wk 2: F. 10/7/22 @ 8pm
S. 10/8/22 @ 8pm
Wk 3: F. 10/14/22 @ 8pm
S. 10/15/22 @ 8pm
Sn. 10/16/22 @ 3pm
Wk 4: Th. 10/20/22 @ 8pm
Fri. 10/21/22 @ 8pm
S. 10/22/22 @ 8pm
Sn. 10/23/22 @ 3pm
Wk 5: Th. 10/27/22 @ 8pm
F. 10/28/22 @ 8pm
S. 10/29/22 @ 8pm
Sn. 10/30/22 @ 3pm
JOHN D’AGATA [40s- 60s]
EMILY PENROSE [late 40s to 60s]
JIM FINGAL [mid-20s]

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley
by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon
Director: Suzanne Beal
First rehearsal: Monday, October 3, 2022
Tech: Saturday, November 26- Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Wk 1: Th. 12/1/22 @ 8pm
F. 12/2/22 @ 8pm
S. 12/3/22 @ 8pm
Sn. 12/4/22 @ 3pm
Wk 2: Th. 12/8/22 @ 8pm
F. 12/9/22 @ 8pm
S. 12/10/22 @ 8pm
Sn. 12/11/22 @ 3pm
Wk 3: Th. 12/15/22 @ 8pm
F. 12/16/22 @ 8pm
S. 12/17/22 @ 8pm
Sn. 12/18/22 @ 3pm
Wk 4: Th. 12/22/22 @ 8pm
F. 12/23/22 @ 8pm
MARY BENNET-20. Finally coming in to her own, she is no longer the plain, boring girl she once was. She has a fire in her now. She is intelligent, curious, and lively, but her family only sees her as a future spinster. She does not suffer fools. She wants to live.
ARTHUR DE BOURGH-25. A studious, unsociable only child who has never been around women or large families. He is a loner who prefers books to people. He has recently inherited a large estate and has no idea what to do next.
ELIZABETH DARCY-22, married to Mr. Darcy. Confident, charming, and witty. She makes a fun and surprising lady of the house. She is best friends with her sister Jane.
FITZWILLIAM DARCY-30. A loving, generous, and smart (if slightly stiff) husband. He is quiet and vigilant and thus sees what others often miss. He knows what being lovelorn is like.
JANE BINGLEY-24, married to Mr. Bingley. She is seven months pregnant with her first child and is sweet and optimistic as ever. The kindest heart in the house.
CHARLES BINGLEY-25. Gracious, happy, and ever focused on the love of his life, Jane. A good friend and always ready with a smile.
LYDIA WICKHAM-17. Flirtatious, youthful, self-centered. Her marriage to Mr. Wickham is a sham but she will not admit this. She is the person you want to have at your party: energetic, engaging, unstoppable.
ANNE DE BOURGH-20s. Only daughter of the late Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lived in her  mother’s very large shadow, never having to ask for anything or speak for herself her entire life. Judgmental and impatient, just like her mother.

Angels in America, Millennium Approaches
by Tony Kushner
Director: Tad Janes
First rehearsal: Monday, December 12, 2022
Tech: Saturday, February 4, 2023- Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Wk.1: Th. 2/9/23 @ 7pm
F. 2/10/23 @ 7pm
S. 2/11/23 @ 7pm
Sn. 2/12/23 @ 2pm
Wk.2: Th. 2/16/23 @ 7pm
F. 2/17/23 @ 7pm
S. 2/18/23 @ 7pm
Sn. 2/19/23 @ 2pm
Wk. 3: Th. 2/23/23 @ 7pm
F. 2/24/23 @ 7pm
S. 2/25/23 @ 7pm
Sn. 2/26/23 @ 2pm
Wk. 4: Th. 3/2/23 @ 7pm
F. 3/3/23 @ 7pm
S. 3/4/23 @ 7pm
Sn. 3/5/23 @ 2pm
LOUIS IRONSON, a word processor working for the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.
*At this time all other roles have been offered or cast.

by Lydia Hadfield
Director: Jeremy Myers
First rehearsal: Monday, January 23, 2023
Tech: Sunday, March 19, 2023- Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Wk 1:  Th. 3/23/23 @ 8pm (preview)
F. 3/24/23 @ 8pm
S. 3/25/23 @ 8pm
Wk 2: F. 3/31/23 @ 8pm
S. 4/1/23 @ 8pm
Sn. 4/2/23 @ 3pm
Wk 3: F. 4/7/23 @ 8pm
S. 4/8/23 @ 8pm
Wk 4: Th. 4/13/23 @ 8pm
Fri. 4/14/23 @ 8pm
S. 4/15/23 @ 8pm
Sn. 4/16/23 @ 3pm
Wk 5: Th. 4/20/23 @ 8pm
F. 4/21/23 @ 8pm
S. 4/22/23 @ 8pm
Sn. 4/23/23 @ 3pm
SCOTTY DELRIO, Private detective. Assistant Manager of CraftTown. 30s. Transgender Male
BARB, CraftTown employee; 50s/60s. She/Her
SHAY, CraftTown employee; 20s. She/Her
LINDSAY, CraftTown employee; 20s. She/Her
BIG KATE, CraftTown Manager. 40s/50s. She/Her
SMARTPHONE, Cashier at King’s Convenience. Scotty’s friend. Play as either cisgender lesbian
or cisgender hetero man. She/Her or He/Him
KAYLA, Big Kate’s daughter. Late 20s. She/Her
PAULETTE, CraftTown employee; 60s/70s. She/Her

Devised Piece in partnership with the African American Resources Cultural and Heritage Society (AARCH)
Director: Ray Hatch
First rehearsal: Monday, March 13, 2023
Tech: Saturday, May 6, 2023 – Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Wk 1:  Th. 5/11/23 @ 8pm (preview)
F. 5/12/23 @ 8pm
S. 5/13/23 @ 8pm
Sn. 5/14/23 @ 3pm
Wk 2: Th. 5/18/23 @ 8pm
F. 5/19/23 @ 8pm
S. 5/20/23 @ 8pm
Sn. 5/21/23 @ 3pm
Wk 3: Th. 5/25/23 @ 8pm
F. 5/26/23 @ 8pm
S. 5/27/23 @ 8pm
Sn. 5/28/23 @ 3pm
Wk4: Th. 6/1/23  @ 8pm
F. 6/2/23 @ 8pm
S. 6/3/23 @ 8pm
Sn. 6/4/23 @ 3pm
Black artists of all artistic disciplines and mediums (music, dance, acting, visual art, writing, etc.) who are interested in contributing to the development of devised work intended to celebrate and elevate Black history and culture of Frederick County.

Maryland Ensemble Theatre