Madagascar, JR Rehearsal Schedule

6/4 4-6pm Welcome/Read-Thru ALL
6/5 4-6pm


Music/Staging: It’s Showtime ALL

Marty & Alex stay until 6:30 to work Best Friends

6/6 4-6pm Music/Choreo: Grand Central, Penguin Shanty Penguins, Zoosters
6/7 4-6:30pm Music/Choreo: I Like to Move it, Welcome to Me King Julien, Lemurs A & B
6/11 4-6:30pm Music:Together Forever, King of Madagascar, I Like to Move it Reprise ALL
6/12 4-6pm Music/Choreo: Wild & Free Marty, Zoo Guests, Zookeepers
6/13 4-6pm Music/Choreo: Steak Alex, Steaks, Servers
6/14 4-5pm Music/Choreo: Foosa Hungry, Welcome to Me, I Like to Move It Foosa, King Julien, Lemurs A & B
6/18 4-6:30pm Review Music/Choreo ALL
6/19 4-6pm Staging Scenes Act I: Pg 12-42 Zoosters, Penguins,Lionesses,Mason, Candy Hammernose, Passerby, Cameraman, Newspaper Man, Old Lady, Police Officers, Animal Control Officers, Ship’s Captain
6/20 4-6:30pm Stumble Thru Act I ALL
6/21 4-6:30 Staging Scene Act II: Pg 43-99 Zoosters, Lyn, Lew, Lee, Lars, Mort, Lemurs, Maurice, King Julien, Penguins,
6/24 3-5pm Music/Choreo Review ALL
6/25 4-6:30pm Stumble Thru Act II ALL
6/26 4-6:30pm Work Act I ALL
6/27 4-6:30pm Work Act II ALL
6/28 4-6pm Work Music/Choreo
7/1 3-5pm Act I
7/2 4-6:30pm Act II
7/3 4-6:30pm Run Show All
7/5 4-6:30pm Run Show All
7/8 3-6pm Tech All
7/9 4-7pm Tech All
7/10 4-7:30pm Tech/Dress All
7/11 4-7pm Final Dress All