Runaways was created from interviews with homeless children and those in orphanages, Runaways is a collection of songs, dances and spoken word pieces about personal struggle and the world at large as seen through the eyes of youth in New York City in the ’70s. This show contains mature themes and language.

Lullabye From Baby to Baby- Vocal Track

The sun is rising in the smoky sky.
The place is any city you can name.
In a house a door opens, closes goodbye.
The atmosphere won’t be the same because
Baby’s running from mama.
Baby is a runaway,
Tomorrow will be a different world’ Than the way it was today.

Lullabye From Baby to Baby- Accompaniment Track

Every Now and Then- Vocal Track

Every now and then a person has to get away.
Even from those he loves.
How he goes or who he hurts,
Cannot matter at the time
He’s leaving

Every Now and Then- Accompaniment

Monologue #1

I Had to Go

A.J.:        My parents lived together, but they. Hated each other. See, my father went to work, see he was the head of the family. And mom, it was her job to stay home all day and clean the house. And every night at about six o’clock. I’d hear the electric garage door open, and I’d think to myself: “ Did I do everything right? Did I do everything right?” Then I’d hear him come up the stairs. This was it! Please don’t yell, dad. Please don’t yell. Then mom would call us, and we’d all go sit at the table. And there’d be silence. Until my father would say something stupid. And my mother would break down and they’d start fighting, and she’d grab us and put our coats on and try to take us out the door, and my father would pull us back in and leave my mother out on the porch all by herself. And I was tired of being fought over. I had to go! I. had to go!

Monologue #2

Current Events

Eddie:  Today is my day to make a report for current events. Do you have current events? It’s part of my social studies class and involves the news of the day, and what the newspapers say. I’d like to start my paragraph by stating that the headlines have hurt my feelings. And that today is an especially discouraging summary of facts. I feel like crying and please don’t flunk me. Things simply go like this. They’re working on a neutron bomb that will preserve buildings and exterminate human life, slowly and scientifically, with radiation sickness, but please don’t flunk me. A cop killed a kid who threatened him with

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