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Princess-Poster-no-textTHE COMMEDIA

By Rebecca L. Byars and Lane Riosley

February 22 – March 15

Arlequin is afraid he’ll be stuck playing the role of the pea, but he ends up getting to play the prince.  The troupe romps through a series of hilarious princess tests with great slapstick humor!  A fairy godmother in this story?  Rosetta’s playing the role, whether the troupe likes it or not!

All Tickets $13.50



Star-Stealer-Poster-no-textTHE STAR STEALER
A World Premiere by Caitlyn Joy

June 7 – 29

Bishop Magellan Orion wants to be an intrepid space explorer like his hero Xavier Zenith so he’s spending the summer in orbit before his parents send him off to the Intergalactic Academy.  Soon, Bishop and his friends discover a greedy, star-stealing creature that threatens the entire universe!

All Tickets $13.50


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