MET Comedy Night


Returning for MET’s 2019-2020 season, MET Comedy Night is bringing your favorite improvisers to the stage every Friday at 8:30 PM. Catch performances from The Comedy Pigs, Oh Crit!, The Last Hurrah and a plethora of guest groups from all over Maryland for only $12. If it’s Friday night and you’re in need of a good laugh, then look no further than Maryland Ensemble Theatre.


The Last Hurrah – Jan 24

Join The Last Hurrah on the fourth Friday of every month for a wild off-the-cuff talk show featuring Kevin Cole, Karli Cole, Stephen Craig, IO Duarte, Lydia Hadfield, and surprise guests. Each month these ding-dongs make the best of the world around them, create slam poetry and who knows what else!

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Fifth Friday Longform Jam – Jan 31

Join performers from The Comedy Pigs, Oh Crit, The Last Hurrah and more as they come together for a special show. One hour. One Suggestion. A whole lot of laughs.


The Comedy Pigs – Feb 7&8 

Performing for over 26 years, The Comedy Pigs are the region’s longest running improv troupe, and they’re ready for another great season. Join them on the first Friday and Saturday of every month for hilarious shows filled with a series of fun short form improv games. No two shows are ever the same, so be sure to join them each and every month!

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Fri Sat 

Romantasy – Feb 14

Oh Crit! – Feb 21

Roll for initiative! Improv comedy fused with Dungeons & Dragons! Join us as we embark on an adventure of twists and turns, bizarre characters, and occasional epic failure… All with the help from YOU and the whim of an unforgiving 20-sided die! Join their quest on the third Friday of every month.

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