MET Vault

Revisit some of your favorite MET Original productions

We’re opening up the MET Vault and making archival recordings of our original works available to rent for a small donation.

MET Mainstage


Frankenstein gets reanimated and reimagined in this ensemble devised version of the classic horror story. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s gothic novel, this visually and viscerally stunning exploration of science, creation, isolation and ego will be a thrilling experience in storytelling. A complex play on the idea of monster and victim will make you question humanity and wonder what responsibility does the creator have to the creation.

Pickle My Monkey

Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s original comedy. A femme fatale seeks refuge under a sexual ruse to take advantage of everyone in her wake, while an artist paints, a singer sings, and a conspiracy theorist hits the jackpot. (Recommended for Mature Audiences, originally produced May 16 – June 9, 2013)

Fun Company

A Tale of Two Trolls

Hilltop and Underbridge are about as different as two trolls can be! But when Prince Handsomepants invites the entire kingdom to his royal ball, of course, the trolls want to go! Can Underbridge transform Hilltop into Princess material? Or will she embarrass him in front of royalty?


Robin Hood: Occupy Sherwood

A World Premiere production by Sarah Shulman with original music by Thom Huenger and Joe Jalette featuring the original caped crusader and his band of “merry men” sticking it to the one-percenters. Produced as part of MET’s annual summer outreach program in partnership with The Ensemble School and Frederick Community College.


The God of this World

A divorced New York City lawyer tries to convince his unemployed blogger daughter that her affair with an extraterrestrial is a fantasy. Once the lawyer’s ex-wife hears about the situation, she becomes intent on stopping any alien ‘invasion’ that may be in progress. In tandem, the daughter’s yoga-loving, poly-amorous friend meets a Harvard physicist and tests the bounds of left and right brain compatibility. The result is heady and hilarious.

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