MET’S Fun Company Tiny Stages Presents

Pippa Penguin’s

Created by MET’s Fun Company

JANUARY 24 – 28

For Ages 0-5

Pippa Penguin’s Big Adventure is a delightful interactive play designed specifically for the very young. Combining elements of imagination, exploration, and friendship, the play follows the endearing character of Pippa Penguin as she embarks on a thrilling adventure. As Pippa begins her journey, she encounters variety of colorful and friendly characters including a wise polar bear, a playful arctic hare, and a mischievous snow goose. Through their interactions, Pippa learns valuable life lessons about bravery, teamwork, and the importance of friendship. This enchanting theatrical experience that introduces the magic of live performance to the youngest theatergoers, is sure to leave them with lasting memories and a sense of wonder.


Sponsored by:

Maryland Ensemble Theatre