Victory Is Within Our Grasp

“Let us sound a bugle call here and now to the women of the Nation: The Woman’s Hour has struck.” -Carrie Chapman Catt

The first production of MET’s 2020-2021 Season of Surprises, Victory Is Within Our Grasp celebrates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the courageous suffragists who joined the fight, in their own words. Featuring historic speeches from Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton and more performed by MET Company members Allison Duvall, Ray Hatch, Julie Herber, Jennifer Pagano, Lia Seltzer, Rachel Smith, Laura Stark, Tori Weaver, as well as Mikayla Domingo, Kiah Hyman, Carol Randolph and Jean Rosolino. 

With the guidance of MET’s COVID Committee, the theatre has decided to stay-the-course with its current Season Of Surprises plan, moving forward in a medium that is safe for all. Victory Is Within Our Grasp will be made available in four separate episodes, with the first set to launch on Friday, September 18. New episodes will be released biweekly, leading up to the 2020 Election, and will be available for $6 through Vimeo On Demand, or free of charge for MET Season Subscribers.


Episode One: Now Available to Pre-order

Victory Is Within Our Grasp: Episode One from Maryland Ensemble Theatre on Vimeo.

Episode One features historic speeches from Lucy Stone, Lucretia Mott, and Carrie Chapman Catt, performed by Mikayla Domingo, Allison Duvall, and Laura Stark.

Episode Two Coming October 2

Episode Two features historic speeches from Frederick Douglass, Clara Barton, and Florence Kelly, performed by Ray Hatch, Rachel Smith, and Tori Weaver.

Episode Three Coming October 16

Episode Three features historic speeches from Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Jean Brooks Greenleaf, and Anna Howard Shaw, performed by Kiah Hyman, Jennifer Pagano, and Carol Randolph.

Episode Four Coming October 30

Episode Four features historic speeches from Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Antoinette Brown Blackwell, performed by Lia Seltzer, Julie Herber, and Jean Rosolino.


Director: Gené Fouché

Stage Manager: Shayden Jamison

Cinematographer/Editor: Tad Janes & Stephen Craig

Design Coordinator: Tabetha White

Sound Design: Kristin Hamby



Allison Duvall

Ray Hatch

Julie Herber

Jennifer Pagano

Lia Seltzer

Rachel Smith

Laura Stark

Tori Weaver

Mikayla Domingo

Kiah Hyman

Carol Randolph

Jean Rosolino