Auditions/Callbacks for

A Revolutionary Christmas

An original play by Reiner Prochaska

Directed by Suzanne Beal

Performance Dates: Dec 5-28



Sunday, August 24, 2014            3-5:30pm (Children 3-4pm)

Monday, August 25, 2014            7-10pm (Children 7-8pm)




Maryland Ensemble Theatre

31 West Patrick Street

Frederick, MD 21701


Brief Synopsis:

The play is set on December 24, 1778, on a small German farm in Frederick County. Franz Kober and his widowed daughter-in-law, Glenda—as well as her two children, Johann and Fiona—are anxiously awaiting the return of Franz’s youngest son, Richard who has been fighting with the German Regiment of the Continental Army.

When he arrives with an escaped “Hessian” soldier, the family is at odds about what to do with the prisoner-of-war.

Grateful for the chance to spend Christmas Eve with his reluctant hosts, Jäger Peter Morsberger becomes the catalyst to confront their disappointments—and their dreams—while he helps them rediscover the true spirit of Christmas.



FRANZ HEINRICH KOBER, a widowed German immigrant farmer in his early to mid-fifties. Hardworking and honest, he is a man of integrity and noble intentions—but without communications skills.  He has lines of dialogue in German and speaks English with a strong (yet understandable) German accent. Knowledge of German is desired but not required.

RICHARD KOBER, his son—a veteran of the 8th Maryland German Regiment—returning from Yellow Springs Military Hospital after being wounded at the Battle of Monmouth (late 20s to early 30s). He is anxious about returning to the farm and face the father who was against his serving in the military—and the woman he loves. He has grown up on a German farm—but also in a community in which English is spoken; therefore, he speaks with only a slight German accent.

GLENDA KOBER, the widow of Franz’s oldest son, is the daughter of Presbyterian Scots who have immigrated from to the American colonies from Northern Ireland (mid-30s). She is a tireless worker who, in addition to all of her domestic chores, also helps with the farmwork. Her English has a trace of a brogue. An Irish influence in her speech should be present but not overpowering.

PETER MORSBERGER, a former traveling actor who has been conscripted into the 2. Jäger Company in the Duchy of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and a prisoner-of-war since the British defeat at Saratoga (late 30s to late 40s). He is gregarious, with a sense of humor. He has lines of dialogue in German and speaks English with a strong (yet understandable) German accent. Knowledge of German is desired but not required.

FIONA KOBER, Glenda’s twelve-year-old daughter. She wants her mother to marry her Uncle Richard.

JOHANN (JOHN) KOBER, Glenda’s eleven-year-old son. More than anything, he wants an axe for Christmas.


Both Fiona and Johann speak English that has occasional faint traces of Irish and German. They have grown up in a home and in a community that is essentially bilingual. Despite their young age, they help with chores around the house and on the farm (i.e. milking cows, churning butter, repairing tools, etc.)