“A Christmas Carol” Information Sheet


(at Maryland Ensemble Theatre)

Maryland Ensemble Theatre and The Fun Company produce “A Christmas Carol” annually. It is a professional theatre production.

CASTING: There will be 2 casts of children (Cast A & Cast B) for this production that will split the performances. It is a rigorous show schedule. Please keep in mind that one cast will be the understudies for the other, so if a child is sick or cannot perform, your child may be called upon to go on for any given performance. The cast will be given a schedule of the shows in which they will be performing at the beginning of the rehearsal process.


(Please note that there are daytime school performances.  Children will be required to miss school or a portion of school for scheduled performances.  A letter will be available for actors to take to school for absences.)

Carroll Arts Center

Wednesday, December 10 @ 9am Wednesday, December 10 @ 12:30pm

Thursday, December 11 @ 9am Thursday, December 11 @ 12:30pm

Friday December 12 @ 9am,   Friday, December 12 @ 12:30pm

Friday, December 12 @ 8pm

Saturday, December 13 @ 3pm,   Saturday, December 13 @ 8pm

Weinberg Center

Thursday, December 18 @ 10am

Friday, December 19 @ 10amFriday, December 19 @ 7:30pm

Saturday, December 20 @ 2pmSaturday, December 20 @7:30pm

Sunday, December 21 @ 2pm

REHEARSALS: Rehearsals will begin in November and be held 2-3 times per week until the week before each performance (Tech Week).  We will hold rehearsals each evening throughout this time. There will be times that only one cast will be called for rehearsal. Every effort is made to send the children home as early as possible, but there can be some rather late evenings.

LOAD IN: Cast and crew are expected to assist in loading the show in and out of the respective theatres. Children should not attend these work calls, however, we do require a parent or representative from each family to assist us in each load in and out.

OTHER PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES: We rely on parent volunteers for a number of tasks throughout our production. The stage manager will be sending around a sign-up sheet the first week of rehearsals. For example, we need a parent “monitor” for each performance backstage. We could also use help with costumes or set building. Please let us know if you have skills in those areas!