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Thursday Think Tank: YO Puppetry!

For this weeks Think Tank, we bring you a little bit of insight about the puppetry in Young Olympians! Puppeteers Karli Cole and Renee Gerrard work together as two roles in YO: Chiron the Centaur and Cerberus, the three-headed dog of Hades.  With some coaching by fellow puppeteer, Vanessa Strickland*, Karli and Renee have (literally) been… Continue Reading

MET Monday: Retro Prom!

On Saturday, we’ll be hosting our annual Retro Prom. As mentioned last week, this is the MET’s biggest yearly fundraiser. This year, local downtown restaurants will be supplying all sorts of tasty treats. Our host this year will be Sam Pancake, who has been featured in such films & TV series as Pushing Daisies &… Continue Reading

Thursday Think Tank: Antigone Choral Movements

The MET‘s next mainstage show, our adaptation of Antigone, is in the midst of rehearsals.  We’ve recorded in rehearsal a movement section for you that embodies the conflicting emotions and inner chaos of Antigone’s return home: In ancient Greek plays, there is usually a chorus present, which serves as a guide, narrator, or mouthpiece for… Continue Reading

MET Monday!

Well, when one show ends, another one begins! End Days wrapped up this weekend. Congratulations to the cast, crew &  production team on a wonderful production.  Now, we switch gears to Antigone! In addition, the Fun Company will be presenting it’s first production of 2012, Young Olympians. It’s like ancient Greece down at the MET.… Continue Reading

The End of End Days

With End Days in it’s final weekend I thought it would be nice to find out what people would miss the most. Here are the top five. 1. Burt Reynolds Jesus 2. The wheelchair 3. Audience reaction 4. All things Stephen Hawking 5. Backstage shenanigans End Days has been super fun. On behalf of the… Continue Reading

10 Things Tuesday- All Kinds of Antigone

We are currently in rehearsals for “Antigone”, next up on the mainstage.  MET Ensemble Member and playwright, Reiner Prochaska (The Canterbury Tales) has taken on the task of adapting the classic greek tragedy.  Following the suggestion of director Julie Herber, Reiner has created a moving and thought provoking version of this popular play,  The production… Continue Reading

MET Monday!!

Happy President’s Day! The MET had another wonderful weekend of the hilarious & moving “End Days”. You have only one more weekend to catch this show & trust me, you do NOT want to miss it. This blogger saw it two weekends ago & thoroughly enjoyed it. In my opinion, it’s one of the best… Continue Reading